Mugabe wins big in mouth-watering retirement package

Robert Mugabe
  • Robert Mugabe could be in to enjoy a generous retirement package
  • The former Zimbabwe president is reportedly tipped to a sh1 billion retirement bonus
  • He was awarded several cars, furnished house and over 20 staff

Zimbabwe’s former president Robert Mugabe is reportedly going to enjoy a generous retirement package after being deposed by the military late last year.

According to Daily Mail, Mugabe, 93, was handed a mouth-watering deal that saw him cede power after ruling the landlocked country for nearly 40 years

Amongst the things that he is reportedly set to enjoy include;

Fleet of cars:

e will have three cars whose fuel will be paid for by the government and subject to replacement every five years.

  • A Mercedes Benz S500 Series or an equivalent
  • A 4 wheel drive station wagon
  • A pickup van

Flying first class

The former president will be entitled to 4 first class treatment when he flies or when he uses a train within Zimbabwe.

He together with his wife will be handed diplomatic passports.

Posh residence:

Mugabe will also be awarded a fully-furnished official residence anywhere in the capital Harare

He was also handed a fully-furnished official residence and given an option to choose any suitable area within the capital Harare.

This came with the perks of;

  • Bills and entertainment allowances
  • 20 staffers including six personal security guards

All of this will be paid for by the state.

Local media revealed that the elder statesman was granted a Sh1 billion retirement bonus.


According to sources privy to his resignation, Mugabe was granted immunity from prosecution. He was assured that his safety would be protected in his home soil.

Mugabe’s long reign came to an abrupt end after the military took control of the state putting to an end a power struggle that pitted his wife Grace and current president Mnangagwa.


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