Police officer who tormented Dr Besigye has been Brian White’s bodyguard



The security operative who tormented Dr Kizza Besigye during the course of the year happens to be the one who acted at some point as chief body guard to socialite,  Brian White.

According to photos, the unidentified security operative use to move in the police vain that used to trail Besigye. According to Ronald Muhinda, Besigye’s aide, the operative would enthusiastically beat up Besigye and bundle him in the van.

Now he is in trouble.

Brian White (left) with the security operative (circled), who has tormented Dr Kizza Besigye.

Early this month, the operative and White were accused of shooting businessman Victor Bitwire from Buziga-Makindye, a suburb of Kampala.

As Besigye celebrated christmas at his home, the tormentor was locked up at Luzira prison where he was remanded with his boss until January 18.


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