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Aerial photos reveal colossal scale of Ruto’s Multi billion home which has a man-made lake (Photos)

Aerial photos reveal colossal scale of the DP Ruto's 1.2 billion home which has a man-made lake (Photos)

William Ruto’s Kes 1.2 billion home in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu County has always sparked debate whenever it’s mentioned.

The DP denies his hacienda is worth 1.2 billion shillings. Ruto accused a local daily of inflating the figure when news about his home first emerged.

Ruto’s palatial home sits on a 20-acre parcel of land which he bought in Moiben constituency. Construction is yet to be completed but the scale of the project surely justifies the 1.2 billion price tag.

Man-made lake

The DP’s home as a helipad, swimming pools, library, gym, a guest wing among other lavish facilities. There is also a huge man-made lake at the hacienda.

The colossal scale of the DP’s stylishly luxurious home comes out clear in recent aerial photos. See the pictures below:


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