Pharmacists threaten to join the strike as State House calls off Doctors’ meeting


President Yoweri Museveni promised to sack all medical doctors taking part in industrial action that is now in its second week.
Speaking at a rally in Karambi Sub-county Kabarole District yesturday afternon the President said he will replace the striking doctors whom he accused of betraying him.
“The doctors have betrayed me, we had selected a committee to review the salaries of civil servants in the country and it had just completed its work and doctors have decided to strike as many people have lost their lives,” Mr Museveni said.
Meanwhile,Pharmacists under their umbrella body, the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda (PSU) have warned president Museveni to stop threatening medical workers who are in their second week of industrial action.
Speaking at a rally in Burahya County, Kabarole District on Thursday, Museveni said he would sack all medical doctors currently on strike for failing the NRM principal of managing scarce resources and replace them with those who are hungry for jobs.
Addressing journalists on Friday, at Pharmacy house in Kyambogo, Edson Ireeta, a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda warned that threatening medical workers will only add salt to existing wounds caused by the strike.
“If I were him, I would not threaten them but rather seek to dialogue with them to solve the impasse,”Ireeta told journalists. “It seems this is not the Museveni we knew who always advocated for dialogue to solve issues.”

President Yoweri Museveni has reportedly cancelled his scheduled meeting with the members of the Uganda Medical Association who are striking over poor working conditions.


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