Administration is fatastic without Lord Mayor- ED

The executive Director Jenifer Musisi stressing a point

The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jennifer Musisi has been put on spot for consistently missing council meetings at a time when councillors are discussing critical issues.

Musisi last attended KCCA council on July 13 when it discussed Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago‘s salary arrears. This particular sitting was snubbed by Lukwago protesting Musisi’s affidavit in court saying KCCA would not pay the Lord Mayor’s salary arrears amounting to 560 million Shillings.

Though the council had resolved that KCCA legal directorate should not file a defence in the case filed by Lukwago, Musisi went ahead to take oath in an affidavit stating that Lukwago “is not presently entitled to any payment whatsoever.” The council turned hot when councillors castigated the legal directorate for failure to implement their resolutions.

Since July 13th, Lukwago has convened four council meetings discussing critical issues such as the drowning of a vendor in Nakivubo Channel and how Godwin Katugume, a former bodyguard of the executive director ended up becoming supervisor of the KCCA law enforcement team. Others are suspension and interdiction of Katugume and Robert Kituma Rusoke, the KCCA chief law enforcement officer and how Nateete market land titles disappeared from KCCA ending up in the hands of individuals who are threatening to evict vendors from the market.

On August 10, Musisi communicated to Lukwago that she could not attend council meetings because of personal safety concerns. Musisi noted that she had been advised to restrict her movements while her security is being reviewed. This council was convened to discuss the drowning of Basemera Olivia in Nakivubo Channel on August 4th. The council resolved that Godwin Katugume, Supervisor of the KCCA law enforcement team and Robert Kituma Rusoke, the KCCA chief law enforcement officer be suspended and interdicted.

For long,Jennifer and Lukwago have not been seeing eye to eye, last year in February, the executive director said that the authority’s administration without the Lord Mayor is superb.

“We are doing really well without the Lord Mayor. We have made tremendous progress without the Lord Mayor. Our administration minus the Lord Mayor is fantastic,” Musisi said.

Lukwago and Jenifer photo @Newvision


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