Life of Besigye tormentor is crumbling by day

Bwana cracking Besigye's window during walk to work protests

Police in Kampala have in custody one of their senior officers, who is suspected to have raped a school girl.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana is currently being investigated for the heinous crime, he is said to have committed last week.

Police spokesperson AIGP Asan Kasingye told us the development was shocking. He had earlier termed it as sad, in a tweet.

Mr Arinaitwe who came to light during the 2011 Walk to Work protests, had a few years ago reformed and turned to God.

He became a born-again Pentecostal church preacher.

But last week, according to Kasingye, he turned against a young woman and raped her in his car.

Arinaitwe says, met the victim at the CIID Headquarters in Kibuli. She had been taken there by her mother to meet family protection unit officers.

“The mother accused the girl of losing concentration at school. She wanted the officers to counsel  her, Kasingye said.

In this same office, happened to be Mr Arinaitwe; and he managed to swap contacts with the girl, the police mouthpiece said.

“He later on called the girl and asked her to meet to him at Nakawa. When she arrived, he called her into his car and raped her, right there,” Kasingye said.

Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana, a senior police officer who infamously tortured former FDC president Kizza Besigye during a violent arrest, split with his wife in a flurry of counter accusations of adultery.

Arinaitwe was married for three years to Beatrice Florence Nagawa, a lawyer by profession.
Their marriage was dissolved following a divorce suit that was filed by Nagawa few years ago over accusations of adultery. Arinaitwe was denied custody of their two children because they were still young and needed the attention of their mother.



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