K’ogikwatako activists arrested


Police Thursday morning arrested DP President Norbert Mao in down town Kampala while launching what has been dubbed as the K’ogikwatako Campaign.

The campaign which translates ‘if you dare touch it” is against the suggested amendment of the constitution to remove the age limit of presidential candidates.

Mao who was clad in a black suit was rounded up together with a number of DP leaders including the Ag Secretary General, outside the party offices at City House.

The situation went tough as DP members started matching towards the Constitutional Square, Police had geared up security and it arrested them and some of the members were stripped naked.

The arrested were matching towards the Constitutional Square to commence the campaign activities which among others would involve collecting signatures of all Ugandans against the Constitution amendments.

Earlier before being arrested, Mao addressed press at the party offices, and called upon Ugandans to disregard President Yoweri Museveni’s comments yesterday that he wasn’t aware of the amendment plans.

Museveni told the media at State House on Wednesday that the said debate was a waste of time, and that he was not paying attention to it, but rather focusing on his work.

But Mao does not buy this, and believes Museveni is harbors ambitions to stick around after 2021.

DP says their K’ogikwatako camping is aimed at “immunising Ugandans against Musevenism.”

“Why do we vaccinate people; you vaccinate those who are health in an eventuality of a illness” Mao said.

DP supporter who was stripped naked. Photo credit Chimp reports



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