KCCA withdraws its enforcement officers off kampala streets

KCCA Enforcement team in action

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has bowed down to increased pressure and criticism from the public and activists and withdrawn its enforcement officers from city streets following the death of a hawker who drowned in Nakivubo channel.

Ms.Olivia Basemera 35, met her fate on 4th August 2017 as she drowned in Nakivubo channel as she was being in pursuit of KCCA enforcement team.  This caused criticism and hostility from the public questioning how the enforcement operates.

KCCA E.D Jennifer Musisi, appearing before parliamentary committee on operation of state enterprises, said “currently they have withdrawn all enforcement officers from the city”. The officers have received numerous threats from the public and cannot return to field unless their safety is ensured.

Jennifer Musisi also revealed that enforcement officers don’t have the necessary training to enforce order in the city. Manning of enforcement operations will be carried out by police with guns and necessary training to handle street traders.

Lord Major Erias Lukwago, came out and condemned the manner in which city enforcement officers operate and challenged the authority to take action. City Authority promised to take care of the deceased family.

Four officers were arrested following this incident and charged with manslaughter before Nakawa Magistrate court on 10/August/2017. The four denied the charges and were released on court bail.



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