Mweruka to fish at ‘SALT’ lake


As the saying goes, climbing to the top is easy but mantining yourself at the top is the opposite, The formerly most watched Bukedde TV home of Agataliiko nfuufu and translated movies and soaps has lost its glory. The station has been losing staff since the year started.

The latest is that Sanyu Robinah Mweruka is on her way to Salt TV.

On Monday, there was a closed door meeting between Mweruka and her supervisor, Richard Kayiira. In the meeting, it is said that she tabled her new conditions and why she is leaving.

Mweruka was offered a juicy deal at Salt TV and she couldn’t turn it down.

Currently, Bukedde TV has only few people who are under staff contract. This means that few members are permanently earning salary. The rest of Bukedde TV newsroom comprises of freelancers who earn per story filed in. This has frustrated many workers to the extent that some have been forced to quit.

Tera Kaaya a former presenter at Bukedde left the station for Salt FM, among the reasons he gave that caused his departure was failure by management to review his contract.

It’s also said that Kaaya expected a salary increment since he had worked with the station for long.

We are yet to know whether these could be the reasons why Mweruka is leaving.



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