Obamas Pay $8.1 Million for Home Just Miles From White House


The couple’s younger daughter, Sasha, is still in high school. For the short term, at least, she will tether the Obamas to a heavily Democratic city where people are still reeling from the arrival of the Trump administration. The family has largely kept a low profile here, staying out of the political fray. But both Mr. and Mrs. Obama have traveled extensively in recent weeks. And without mentioning his name, the Obamas have either subtly taken aim at Trump policies or basked in their post-White House popularity.

Last week, Mr. Obama was greeted warmly by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany in a visit to Berlin — a stark contrast to the cool reception Mr. Trump received from European leaders hours later in Brussels. And in recent speeches, Mrs. Obama has hinted at taking on a more vocal role in politics.

“There’s just so much more we can do outside of the office,” Mrs. Obama said at an architecture conference in April, “because we won’t have the burden of political baggage.”


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