20 Things Women Relate To If They Attended A Single Sex School In Uganda


Going to a girls only secondary school had its ups and downs.

We’re pretty sure that remembering your days in an all girls school will bring back a lot of memories. Here are some things we think you’d definitely be able to relate to if you went to one.

1. Being able to raise your skirt and adjust your underwear anywhere.

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2. The relief of knowing that someone always had sanitary pads in their bag.

3. Everyone having a crush on the hot male teacher

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4. And having your best friend who you held hands with everywhere

Black girl friends

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5. There was always hot gist

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6. And everyone did whatever they liked because there were no boys to impress

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7. The number one trick to avoid doing sports was to claim that you were on your period


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8. And the female teacher were always confiscating makeup

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9. If you had a brother school, there’d be that boy that everyone had a crush on

10. Once in a while, huge secrets leaked, and there would be a huge scandal

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11. There was a group of mean and bitchy girls who were friends with each other

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12. Girls always had to play male roles in school plays

She laughs at your dry jokes

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13. Everyone shared everything

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14. And romance novels were always passed around

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15. There was always drama on Valentine’s day, especially when someone got a gift

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16. And people had to deal with big/powerful girls and their problems

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17. But having a nice school mother or matron was the best thing in the world

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18. If your school had those open bathrooms, then everyone got to watch each other bath naked every day.


19. And the female teachers could be really annoying with all their talk about acting like ladies

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20. But it was still the best experience because you got to make amazing friends and keep them for life

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What other experiences did you have at an all-girl secondary school? Speaking of schools.


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