Sylvester Stallone Teams With Jackie Chan In New Film Ex-Baghdad Read

Action legend Sylvester Stallone will join forces with the comedic kung fu stylings of Jackie Chan in the new film, Ex-Baghdad.
An unusual paring for sure, the two veterans of the screen will team up to thwart an attack on a Chinese owned, Iraqi based oil refinery. Chan will play a private security contractor who is sent in to rescue workers after the refinery is attacked. Upon learning the true intentions of the group responsible, Chan’s security advisor will team up with Stallone’s former U.S. Marine in an attempt to stop the intruders from stealing an affluence of oil.
Stallone is known the world over for his tough guy roles, starting out as one of cinema’s most beloved underdogs, Rocky Balboa, he then moved on to roles in countless action movies, and most recently a turn as Barney Ross in the Expendables franchise. Make no mistake, while Stallone is one of the forefathers of the action genre, he is also an Oscar-nominated writer and actor.
Chan has gained fame from his unique style of martial arts. He blends his training with acrobatics and slapstick comedy to produce a more humorous martial arts movie. He experienced increased popularity in the United States during the late ‘90s due to his team up with Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour movies. Chan is a skilled martial artist who has been acting since the 1960s. He began working with the great Bruce Lee in 1972’s The Chinese Connection. Chan went on to work on more of Lee’s projects. – See more at:


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