Dr. Stella Nyanzi lashes out on “castrated” members of parliament


Here is Dr. Stella Nyanzi’s latest missive on the Members of the August house

Why do we have Members of Parliament with full salaries and benefits, if every decision must be taken by the president? Why do we have ministers with full salaries and allowances, if the last word on anything and everything comes only from the president? Why have fully paid technocrats sitting in public institutions, if the only decision maker in Uganda is the president?
Remember how he rushed into the oldest public university last year and closed Makerere University, as if he was either the Chancellor, or Minister of Education? This time he gate-crashed the policy decision of switching off all sim cards not re-registered with national identity card numbers. It did not matter that UCC, parliament and the relevant minister were all embroiled in determining this matter. Museveni jumped in to the rescue and decreed a new date for turning off the un-re-registered phone sim-cards. Without solutions to the bottlenecks in the national ID project, no amounts of deadlines will solve the masses’ inability to re-register our sim cards. Wonderful silliness, just!
This here, is another very good illustration of how our country degenerated into a pure autocracy. There is only one big Grand Father in this Mafiaso state. There is only one power center with one big old pair of bums at the very apex. It is the duty of every other public officer to reverently lick the bums and their products, as if this is the greatest nourishment in the land. You castrated impotent parliamentarians, ministers and public officials masquerading as decision makers in Uganda! Whoever bewitched you was naked and thorough.


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