Mr. Hamid is not above the law.


The man at the heart of an alleged bribery scandal where a junior minister Herbert Kabafunzaki was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting a Shs30m bribe. Mr Muhammad Hamid, the chairman of AYA Investments Ltd, is accused of sexually abusing his female employee before sacking her in December last year.

Emilian Kayima the Kampala Metropolitan Police (KPM) spokesperson stated that police was trying to get the videos which the complainant said show Mr Hamid molesting her.

Mr. Hamid was first summoned at CPS to record a statement after the complainant filed an assault case against him. The complainant later filed sexual assault case at Old Kampala Police Station.

Police said the investigation had commenced and would take action once they are concluded.

KPM spokesperson dismissed claims that Mr Hamid was being shielded by the police.


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