I will not allow tribalistic politics- Mao


Speaking tough after the weekend blocking of a rally by a faction of the party leaders, in Masaka district, Democratic President Nobert Mao warned Betty Nambooze (Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament) and Vice President for Buganda Region to desist from dividing the party along tribal lines.

The statements come at a time when scores of DP leaders including Nambooze and Medard Lubega Ssegona (Busiro East) are battling injuries following a clash with anti- riot police in Masaka at the weekend.

Police blocked the Nambooze planned DP rally at Tropical Inn Hotel in Masaka. Nambooze was first blocked at Lukaya before she sneaked her way into Masaka where she was smoked out with teargas.

Nambooze underwent a head scan today as her condition is still being monitored. Doctors at the medical facility are still monitoring her condition.

Mao accused Nambooze, Sseggona and Masaka Municipality MP Mathius Mpuuga of trying to divide DP along tribal lines, something he vowed to crash.

“I will not allow Nambooze and her factions to divide DP. It is not true that only one tribe has led DP to where it is today. All other tribes have played a role. Those who feel they cannot stick along the party rules, guidelines and constitution should quit and go where they belong,” said Mao.

Nambooze is currently facing a three month suspension from the party activities after she was suspended by the party’s Disciplinary Committee for similar subversive actions. The National Executive committee suspended Nambooze for defying the party president, Nobert Mao.
The motion to suspend Ms Nambooze, was moved by the DP youth Vice Chairman and seconded by a one Ritah Nakyanzi, also a member of the youth league


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