Don’t compare me with a CAT- Jose Chameleon.


Wale wale, singer Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has come out and cleared the air about some section of the public who have been comparing him with other young and upcoming artists especially David Lutalo and Eddy Kenzo.
This was during TALK N TALK show hosted by loud mouthed presenter Kasuku on Dembe FM on Saturday.
Maama mia Singer said
“You can’t compare A LION to A CAT“.

‘Don’t let people deceive him that he has reached on my level. He is a good artiste but he can’t handle a LION. You can compare him with the Radio and Weasel’, Chameleone further claimed in the radio interview.
Chameleon’s wife Daniella Atim applied for divorce in the aftermath of Easter.


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