Conte has woken up Chelsea !


Jorge Sampaoli the Sevile manager has hailed Antonio Conte for the job he has conducted at Chelsea this season.
Conte had a huge rebuilding job on his hands when he took over the jobe at Chelsea in the summer and it is clear to see that the Italian has more than managed to do so, guiding the Blues to a wonderful campaign in which they have spent a lot of time at the top of the Premier League table.
Sampaoli said in an interview “I have watched Conte with great admiration”.
“That meeting has fuelled my desire to come to England. I was so hoping to be able to compete in England. There’s this idea that in England they play in a certain way. But I believe it’s the same game everywhere and you can play any system in any place and make it work”.
“The budget is not important. What counts is the ability to conduct a group of footballers to fight for an objective.”


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