Nicki Minaj: Pregnant? By Lil Wayne?


It’s official: we have our first ridiculous rumor of the new year. According to our reliable sources , Nicki Minaj may be pregnant. And the father may be… Lil Wayne!

There’s little evidence to back up this claim: no sources on record, no photographs, no quotes of any kind in fact. but we simply says it may be true, but the rumor mill is churning at warp speed around the Internet with this possibility.

Why might the report be accurate? Well… Lil Wayne does have four kids by four different women. And Minaj Twerked all over her rapping pal at the Billboard Music Awards.

These two also simulated sex in the “High School” music video. So could they have done the real thing recently? Without a condom or birth control? They certainly could have, people. They certainly could have.


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