Her Dancers Saved The Day

What does a performer do when her costume almost falls off? Dance! That’s exactly what Britney Spears did during her Las Vegas show.

BritneySpearsblackcoatBritney Spears has proved she’s back in a big way  — especially when a wardrobe malfunction almost derailed her performance on Saturday night. While the singer was onstage singing “Circus,” her sequined bodysuit unzipped.

It’s unknown whether the costume became untethered while she was dancing or after a wardrobe change, but she handled the situation like a total pro. In fact, a fan caught the moment on Instagram video.

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Spears is in the middle of the song when she turns her back to the audience to reveal her open back with the unzipped portions flopping on either side of her toned body. Instead of stopping the show, the 32-year-old singer kept dancing across the stage.

It was her dancers who sprung into action to save the day. Once she was safely in a stationary position, a male dancer stood behind her to zip up her outfit. It looks like the zipper was pretty stubborn because another dancer jumped in to pull down on the fabric while Spears was zipped up.


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