URBAN BOYS the super level


Started in September 2007 at the National university of Rwanda with three male artists Niyibikora safi a.k Safi, Manzi James a.k Humble J and Nshimiyimana Mohamed a.k Nizzo, URBAN BOYS first recorded their track  ikicaro which was only popular in the southern province  and at the University.


They then went on and released tracks like sintuza and tubanenge which gave them a chance to be nominated in the famous Rwandan award called Salax in 2008 and won the second position as the best group of the year


later they release another hit song called sindindyarya in 2009 which  opened their gate after winning the award as the best group of the year in 2010.


They went on realizing hit by hit year by year up to date and they have released tracks like Ishamba, Bibaye, Simubure,Umwanzuro,IBITENGE,Sipiriyani,Umfatiye runini ft Riderman and Take It Off Ft Jackie among others.





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