MTN Uganda internet tariffs raised up


Although MP Bagiire Vincent Waiswa, the vice chairman of the committee on ICT in Parliament advised telecommunication companies to share infrastructure to make Internet access more affordable to Ugandans, this did not stop Uganda’s telecommunication giant MTN to raise its tariffs  making it more expensive across all offers, MTN freedom bundles packages are now more costlier by at least sh10, 000. Freedom bronze is now at sh18, 500 from sh15,000. Freedom silver now costs sh75, 000 from sh60,000, while freedom gold has gone up to sh150,000, from sh120,000 while the costs of mobile Internet bundles have also been increased. A daily bundle of 10MB is now at sh300, from sh250, while 50MB now costs sh1, 200 from sh1,000.

It is not yet clear how other players in the market will respond to the development by the market leader.

We dont know yet if other networks will also raise their tariffs in response to their market leader.

Watch the space




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